Lewisham Central Heating Supply Installation & maintenance

Central Heating is the most common system of heating residential homes because they are cost effective and flexible to install. Typically a system would consist of the following:

  • Gas boiler
  • Radiators
  • Hot Water Cylinder
  • Thermostatic Controls

At the heart of the system is the gas powered boiler. It will provide hot water for your domestic hot water (DHW) usage and your radiators. The warm water passes around in a circuit which will typically pass throughout your house in and out of each room which will have radiator which will heat your room. Thermostatic controls provide control over your heating system, a main thermostat will help to regulate the ambient temperature of your home or zones of your home. Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TVR) add further control and efficiency to your system by allowing you to adjust or switch off each radiator in your system.


  • Efficient compared to electric
  • Clean & Eco Friendly relatively low emissions compared to oil 
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick temperature flow for radiators achieved in minutes 


  • Increasing Gas Cost prices continue to rise at disproportionate rates

We offer a full package central heating system services including:

  • Planning & Design bespoke system design for your property 
  • Installation boiler installation, radiators fitted and pipework install
  • Maintenance service and maintenance to help pro-long the life of your system
  • Repair we are happy to offer a free no-obligation quote on repairs to your heating

We offer free no-obligation consultation and advice for customers with no pushy sales persons. A site visit will be made by one of our engineers who can be offer first hand help advice and pricing.

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