Lewisham Kitchen Plumbing Sinks, Washing Machines, Dishwashers and Gas Ovens and Hobs

Plumbing provides the supply line to one of the most important room in your home - the kitchen. Whether it be water to your sink, washing machine or dish washer or gas to your oven hob, plumbing is an essential and often overlooked part of any kitchen planning and design. Lewisham Plumber provide a full range kitchen plumbing services to meet your needs and budget.

Remember that only a fully certified Gas Safe engineer can plumb a gas appliance in your kitchen.

  • Gas Oven & Hob installation and removal
  • Sink Plumbing
  • Gas and water pipe re-routing
  • Washing Machine and Dish Washer appliance installation 

Gas Oven and Hob

Although many household use electric ovens and hobs, many house holds prefer the even heat and precise controls that gas appliances offer. Gas appliances are cheaper to run and if you're still not convinced ask any professional chef if he uses electric over gas!

gas hob

"Remember that dangerous gas work can be deadly. Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Using an illegal gas fitter can end up costing you thousands of pounds to have fixed. Worst of all, it could put the lives of you, and your loved ones in danger." Gas Safe Website Source Title

So be smart and safe, don't put your home  the lives of your loved ones at risk, you can rely on Lewisham Plumber to safely remove your old hob or oven and install your gas appliance correctly for peace of mind

  • All Lewisham Plumbers are Gas Safe registered and approved

Kitchen Sink & Appliance Plumbing

sink install

If you're installing a new kitchen it's important to remember the plumbing first fix. Don't make the mistake of installing your new cabinets and appliances with the plumbing as an after-thought. This is especially the case when re-locating a sink or any of your major appliances such as washing machines and Dishwasher.

Save yourself time, money and upheaval by carry out the installation and routing of any new pipe work before you install any new cabinet or appliances. Ideally if possible this work should be carried out when your old kitchen is removed.

Lewisham Plumber are able to take care of all of your Kitchen plumbing needs, from major kitchen  re-fits and installs to smaller tasks including:

  • New sink and/or tap fitting
  • Washing machine plumbing and install
  • Dishwasher plumbing and install
  • Waste drain outage plumbing
  • Leaks and drips!

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